Exness Personal Area

A personal account is essential to all traders. Here is where all financial operations, analytics and the choice of deals that the user makes. Charges for providing this profile often exceeds the expectations of the user. No one wants to overpay for it! Moreover, there is a problem with higher fees in Singapore. How to find a good broker with the best conditions?

According to clients' recommendations, Exness Area is one of the most popular brokers in Asia. The main feature is high customer service quality, internal promotions and Buy & Sell prices. Also, there is a European type of account management. The user can choose one of the accounts: standard, particular for Forex Market and professional deposit. 

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This article will help you create a Personal Area and find out how the Exness Singapore website works. 

How to login Exness Personal Area 

All users need to register and then verify the account. These are standard procedures that the website has made mandatory. That is how a broker can provide security to clients. The information fees for registration are small. It will be possible to create an account after entering such data: 

  • The region of residence;

  • E-mail;

  • Mobile phone number;

  • Password;

  • Name and surname;

  • Address. 

Registration is held in two stages. How to login Personal Area? To do this, you need to confirm your mobile phone number. Once the trader has fulfilled all the conditions of Exness, he can start the activity. Trading is not possible on the site. To work, you need to download MetaTrader 4 or 5. It is a branded application with innovative tools for trading and analytics. The MT4 or MT5 can be used in the mobile version (for iOS download via App Store). 

Types of Exness accounts 

Exness login Area raises fewer questions than choosing an account type. As mentioned above, clients are looking for profitable deposits. If you do not want to overpay money, but you actively place it on Forex Market, the ideal type of account is Raw Spreads. It's an economical version of a professional account. It is designed for lower rates, so it is suitable for Forex. 

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However, if you are trading professionally, Pro-account is the best choice. ZERO is designed for continuous activity. Spreads are equal to zero, so the commission is not inflated. Also, Exness Singapore offers many additional tools for analytics. That is very important for professional trading. Without this improvement, it will not be possible to put globally. 

It is a profitable option for beginners, amateurs or traders who are just thinking about a personal area - Standard. The most basic Exness account allows clients to pay the minimum amount of money for it. Spreads are slightly higher (0.3), but the website reduces the impact of this option by not having a minimum deposit. It is possible to deposit even 1 dollar into an account. Leverage is the same as for other accounts (1:2000).

Account Types